Man disowned for causing miseries to family

Man disowned for causing miseries to family

Date Posted : Tuesday 11-Oct-2016

SIBU: Two sisters and their mother yesterday disowned their brother/son for causing misery to their lives.

Teo Siew Yen aged 38 and younger sister Siew Ling 28 stayed with their 58-year-old mother in a single storey house in Jalan Poh Yew which was

crashed by a big lorry on 4 October causing extensive
damage to the house.

Met at their house yesterday, Siew yen told reporters that her father stayed in Sarikei and rarely returned to Sibu. Their only brother aged

33 is always in trouble with bad hats.

Her mother, Margaret Chung said her two daughters both left school at a young age to work and take care of the family and had only bought a used

house a few years ago for them to
stay together two years ago.

She said her son was not in touch with them for over 10 years and she heard he was in Miri. Then suddenly this year, he returned to the

house on Chinese New Year eve. After that he left and
they never saw him again.

Margaret said she believed that her son was involved in bad things as people came and destroyed their house. Due to the lorry reversing into the house, her younger daughter sustained injuries on her legs.

She urged those who has problem with her son to look for him and not to trouble them as they had nothing to do with him. She said they had

severed ties with him already.

Before the incident happened, Margaret said they used to see a white Hilux parked outside the house and when they went out to check, the driver drove off. They suspected that it was their brother/her son they were looking for. She said she even tried to contact her son to find out but the phone number was no longer in service.

A few days before the lorry crashed the house, fire crackers were thrown into the house car porch but fortunately, did not burn down the house.

Siew Yen added that she is now very scared and every time the dogs barked, she could not sleep the whole night. She said she and her sister worked hard in a coffee shop to earn money to buy the house and the repair, she heard would cost about RM20,000.

The house, she said would be repaired stage by stage as they do not have the money to do so. Due to the lorry ramming in, the walls in the house are cracked too.

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