Malaysia's Debt by Year 2020

Might well exceed RM 1 Trillion at the current rate money flies around…

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Quoted "During the 1990s, the reported debt level was mostly flat. It declined slightly towards the end of the decade. At the close of 1991 it was RM99 billion, and by the end of 1996 it was close to RM91 billion.

After 1997, the governments debt began to steadily climb until 2007. In those 10 years, the debt level rose from RM91billion to RM274 billion. This is an increase of RM183 billion, or an annual average addition of debt of RM18.3 billion.

From 2008 onwards, the borrowings escalated exponentially.

In 2008 alone, an extra RM43 billion of debt was amassed. From RM274 billion at the start of that year, the debt level rose to about RM502 billion by the end of 2012 an increase of RM228 billion in five years. The average increase in debt in this period was RM45.6 billion per year.

The IMF forecast the debt level for the years 2013 to 2017. The annual increase in debt is predicted to be higher, at a yearly RM55.4 billion. The projected debt level for 2017 is RM779 billion.

It is pertinent to ask whether at this rate Malaysia will attain in 2020 the so-called high-income status envisioned by the New Economic Model.

In the graph, we can see that the governments debt could come close to RM1 trillion by that year.

The actual debt level might, of course, fall well short of that.
Even so, the strain of the debt load on the people is likely to be significant."

RM 10 in 2013 = RM 1000 in 2020

In 2020

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  • Karipap 3 biji RM 5
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