Malaysian Voters, U Get What U Vote For

I refer to the recent BN MP’s shenanigans in the Malaysian Parliament where the 2 BN MP’s from Jasin and Kinabatangan insulted the DAP female MP by inferring to her monthly ‘leak’ when she was highlighting the leaking roof of the Parliament recently.

This should open up the eyes of the Malaysian Voters as to the standard and quality of the BN MP’s or the apparent lack of it!

In a way, the Malaysian citizens deserve the type of representatives that they vote into power in the BN ruling government.

Same goes for those of the Opposition. You can see whether it is worth our time and effort queuing up in the hot sun and vote such idiots into being the MP’s or the SA’s to represent the respective constituencies?

Some sleep in the Parliament, some just waste their time nodding off or seem to be in a stupor. Some raise worthless issues and matters. Some like the 2 BN MP’s insult the womenfolk by their shows of crass uncouth mannerisms best suited for the low class degenerates found in the slums and back streets of any nation.

The people of Kinabatangan and Jasin…I pity you! Deepest condolences to those of you who voted the 2 idiots into power. They are not only not fit to be called ‘Yang Berhormat’s’ ; they deserve to be slapped right across their ugly mugs by the female MP’s whom they insulted!

The ‘YB’ title is wasted on such vermin! A gentleman does not address a woman like that! This reveals the type of low class simians who got past the gates of Parliament on the BN’s ticket!

So much for ‘CEMERLANG, GEMILANG, TERBILANG’! Looks like those 2 got in through their election time ‘TEMBERANG’!

Will the citizens of Kinabatangan and Jasin ever learn? Let’s all wait for the coming GE and see whether they did or will ever do?

Malaysians, observe how your MP’s behave in Parliament. Decide wisely when the GE comes!


*hambaTuhan wrote:
You are right Mahaguru,

I’m Sabahan (but not from Kinabatangan) and feel very humiliated by MP Kinabatangan. Even the Orang Utan in Kinabatangan are more humane than this moron Bung Moktar. Whenever he open his mouth in the Parliament, I feel ashamed by the way he grabbed the mic and shouts like “monyet kena belacan”. And low and behold, most BN reps will happily bang their table in support of this Orang Utan of Kinabatangan.

To make things worst, he ONLY speaks nosense and rubbish all the time. KOSONG. NOTHING.

Hello Malaysian, wake up!. Look at your YBs & MPs!. Most of them are crap!.
14/05 17:13:13

LOL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Fully agree with this article. In Malaysia, there are simply too many such MP. EVeryone must wake up and vote wisely.

malaysian very clever when it come to voting
they r so outdated (the MP)