Malaysian Soldier Arrested by German Police Officers? hehe

KUCHING: A soldier bit off more than he could chew when he preyed on a holidaying foreign couple.

The incident took place along Kuching Waterfront around 10pm when a 26-year-old woman and her 27-year-old boyfriend both German police officers from the city of Frankfurt were taking a stroll towards the city centre.

Unknown to them, a man had been trailing them and he suddenly snatched the womans handbag and ran towards an accomplice waiting on a motorcycle.

According to witnesses, what occurred next was totally unexpected as the German man who was well over six feet tall took three big strides and executed a martial arts-like move which saw him pinning the hapless suspect to the ground.

His accomplice sped off. Members of the public came to the aid of the couple and called the police who arrived and took the suspect into custody.

District police chief ACP Mun Kock Keong confirmed the incident when contacted yesterday, adding that the soldier had been remanded for four days to facilitate investigation. Police are tracking down his accomplice.

Sarawak Update stated that the soldier is from W.M. ? what a disgrace to the armed forces… :shock:


Well, at least we know Malaysian army is definitely no match for the German police let alone their army.

LoL… not all of the Malaysian Soldiers are weaklings like the fella who snatches from people… kah kah kah…

But surely German Policing training and education sure is one of the best… :slight_smile:

Malaysian soldiers

German police

It reminds me of Otto von Bismarck, the statesman who united Germany, he once said, “If Lord Palmerston sends the British army to Germany, I shall have the police arrest them.

Cool segway…

hmmm Malaysian Army VS Germany Soldier…no match
its just like Bayern Munchen VS Sarawak in football.

o man…i love to see that “live”…more satisfying than seeing WWE live…hehehe

Tat soldier will sure get hell of beating by MP’s…

confirm… the police will let the MPs handle this case… hehe

not court-martial ka? :?:

wow…malaysia become famous liao haha lolz

surely gets court marshal… just kidding with the MP thingy… since they are military police of course they handle him…

well…padan muka…serves them right, sapa suruh jadi penyangak… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Was steht Neues in der Zeitung? Mich interessieren nur die Inserate!

that show that our soldier salary can’t support the current cost of living. The gov should start doing sometime on it since it’s getting more this kind of news nowadays which involve our soldier in the crime. Another word this kind of news put Malaysia shame in the world.

For this, we need to compare the army pay:

In Singapore, the starting salary for a military officer is $2,040 SGD or RM4,896
In Malaysia, the starting salary for a military officer is RM976.26 or SGD407

Moving up, an army captain in Singapore (with the least education) earns $3,760 SGD or RM9,024 - this is the salary for a Lieutenant General in Malaysia
Moving up, an army captain in Malaysia earns at most RM5,174.90 or SGD2,156.25

Most of the Malaysian, regardless G or nonG are being underpaid, but that doesn’t allow u to do crime…

i agree…everyone is hving financial problems. that’s doesn’t mean they can resort to crime rite? :wink:

being beaten disgracefully together with the public in public area…fail the personal mission…everybody know the identity…disgrace the whole battalion…disgrace whole nation…harapkan pagar,pagar makan padi…

We have sincere people working in the army and police la… Salary doesn’t really matter sometimes… I know someone who was in the Singaporean Police Force… yes he’s a Malaysian and has a PR there… Worked for 10 years… then want to reapply in Royal Malaysia Police… too bad for him he couldn’t because he’s 33 years old… RMP only accept until 28 years old… a requirement which must be changed in my opinion… You see he’s willing to give up his better paid salary in SPF just to serve in Malaysia ? But well I dunno if he was accepted in the end or not…

So salary isn’t everything in life… Salary sure does improve our lives having better salary :stuck_out_tongue: