Malaysian man sues over text-message break-up

A Malaysian man is suing his ex-fiancee in an Islamic court after her father broke off their engagement via mobile phone text messages, a report said Tuesday.

Muhammad Salleh Muhamad Yusuf, a 46-year-old graphic designer, is demanding more than 70,000 ringgit (20,014 dollars) from 28-year-old Nur Diana Ahmad Zubir to cover the cost of cancelled wedding preparations.

The pair had planned to marry on January 17, but Nur Diana’s father last month sent two test messages to the would-be groom to end the relationship, Muhammad Salleh’s lawyer said according to the official news agency Bernama.

“They got engaged based on mutual consent. The plaintiff did not know why his fiancee broke off the engagement,” lawyer Ahmad Nazib Johari said.

This is not the first text-message tiff to end up in a Malaysian court.

Three years ago, a senator was fined in an Islamic court for divorcing his wife by sending her a text message and leaving a voicemail on her mobile phone.


walao… then how to tell the girl to break or divorce?

to my understanding, it doesn’t matter if the SMS was there or not … as long the girl demand for the break up after engagement, the guy still can sue her for his expenses … its the SMS part that makes it for interesting in the news…

Senang… hanya SMS ke 33391 dan taip “ON PUTUS”…

If you are non-muslim, don’t worry about it.

That’s under syariah law and for muslim only.

cool~ thanks for the information…

dis is kinda a binding case if it is same material fact with the senate case…

“Talak talak t…” (SMS Truncated)

(Talak = Divorce)

Talak 1, Talak 2 or Talak 3?

in KOSMO!, Salleh told the reporter that Diana is having an affair with a guy. He knew about it only after their engagement. Since then, they always argue.

what has this to do with the sms…? the guy is sueing to recover cost of the cancelled wedding preparation. sms or not also have to recover what. rubbish news media just like to sensationalise thing…

one of bernama strategy to gain more reader i pressume.