Malaysian english

[b]Ah Lian’s 1st Day At Work At Beauty Salon. The phone rings. Ah Lian
quickly picks it up.

Ah Lian : Morning. Tua Pooi Soh Peauty Saloon here. You are now
talking to Ah Lian.

Customer : Good morning Ah Lian. I want to fix appointment to clean
my face. Is your Tua Pooi Soh in??

Ah Lian : Tau Keh Soh is going out 1 hour ago. Who on the line?

Customer : I am Auntie Mary. Your Tua Pooi Soh’s customer.

Ah Lian : Oh Auntie Mely. I can help you to fix appointment. Tomolo
Tau Keh Soh appointment full house. Tomolo’s tomolo she got free. When
you like to come?

Customer : I think some time next week. Can I confirm the date & time
with you later?

Ah Lian : Sure sure. You can call me or fact your late & timing.
Our fact lumber: jeelo two - two egg one sick for two fai sick. If you
want, can rock on to our wet side to see our later awertaismen & plomosen.
Our wet side : tapiu tapiu tapiu lot tpspeautysaloon lot kom lot mai.
Anymore thing you want to talk? If no more I hang the phone.

Caller : Ah…no. You’ve been most helpful. Thanks.

Ah Lian : OK, when you free please come & sit. Pai.[/b]

I doubt it would be that bad. Even PCK doesn’t talk that bad…

Aiya carol arr…huer got that is malaysia inglis, that one chai-nis inglis lar. I see also Throw face one …

wat so bad abt that?

Yeah, what so bad…

Even hyperactive can understand, so it shouldn’t be anywhere that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

its for fun anyway…yeah wat so bad about it…i tot everyone will laugh after reading it…as for me, sampai keluar air mata… :wink:

[quote=“SubKi||er”]Yeah, what so bad…

Even hyperactive can understand, so it shouldn’t be anywhere that bad :P[/quote]
HEY! :evil:

just being sarcastic…its was amusing…cheers!

i laugh until “Peng” :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i like the rock, jeelo & egg…wahaaa…

The joke is definitely funny, but what is “bad” I am referring to here is the Manglish! It’s pretty bad, even for Manglish standards!

Phua Chu Kang would’ve been mortified

yah. sumthing like ‘tijah want to break up with her orang putih boyfriend’. so direct translation one. good example of manglish :smiley: