Malaysian Cub Prix To Be Held In S'wak Until 2010


July 20, 2006 23:35 PM

Malaysian Cub Prix To Be Held In S’wak Until 2010

KUCHING, July 20 (Bernama) – Sarawak has been picked as the circuit for the Petronas Sprinta AAM Malaysian Cub championship for five years in a bid to attract more riders from the state to compete at the national level.

The Memorandum of Signing (MoU) was signed Thursday between the state’s Social Development and Urbanisation Minister Datuk William Mawan Ikom representing the state government and Safe Aim Mutual Sdn Bhd Promotion Director Ron Hogg, the championship promoter, here Thursday.

Speaking to reporter after the signing, Mawan said the MoU marked Sarawak’s first entry into the national arena particularly motorcycle racing.

Mawan hoped that with the circuit being held here, it would provide great opportunity to motorcycle enthusiasts to learn various aspects of motorcycle racing including the safety aspects.

“We hope that the circuit would motivate young racers in Sarawak to race in a legal manner in the proper racing track rather than racing illegally on the streets,” he said.

Mawan said the state government was planning to build a motorcycle racing track to encourage those who had keen interest in motorcycle racing to race legally.

“We are seriously considering,” he said but refused to elaborate on the matter as it was still at the planning stage.

Meanwhile Hogg said, apart from Kuching, Miri would be among the place that had been identified to host future championships in Sarawak during the five-year period.

“It will largely depend on the logistic capability, we are looking into that area also,” he said.

Kuching will host Round 6 of the 2006 Petronas Sprinta AAM Malaysian Cub Prix championship on July 20 to 30 at a carpark near the Stadium Negeri.