Malaysian Boy song - WHY COPYCAT?

I don’t understand why they had to change AMERICAN BOY to MALAYSIAN BOY
can they not do anything original!

even the Malaysian flag looks like the USA flag

Malaysian Boy it is not
Posted on 5 September 2011 - 05:05am

WITH reference to an article in The Sunday Star yesterday, Astros Malaysian Boy music video a hit with locals, I have the following to share.

We beg to differ. A few of my foreign friends who visited me during the long Aidilfitri and Merdeka break were amused to hear of Estelles American Boy being converted to Malaysian Boy and like me, were of the opinion that it does not do any Malaysian man, woman, girl or boy justice! It totally lacks originality.

Merdeka is about Malaysia gaining independence from colonialism. It makes us feel good and proud. It should. But obviously adapting American Boy which is so easily recognised, while for some could be a commercial short cut to a new hit, will not stir or instil much, if any pride at all, in many others. And to have Astro claiming credit and glorifying such a copycat version of a song as if we Malaysians are devoid of originality and substance, is really such a crying shame.

I was quite embarassed. And a question many of us should really give good thought to is: Can we do better? My reply: Yes, we can.

So to all music/song writers out there who are true blue Malaysians, please, please rise to the challenge to craft an authentically Malaysian original of Malaysian Boy.

Farouk Malaysia