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Spa kami menyediakan rawatan spa yang menggunakan bahan dari semulajadi. Oleh itu kami telah memilih produk Tanamera sebagai bahan utama yang kami gunakan di dalam rawatan yang disediakan.

Tanamera, in the language of the Malays, literally means Red Earth, an appropriate name for a range of products which raw materials are sourced from the rich soil of the tropical rainforest. Our unique products are formulated as naturally as possible where the use of artificial coloring, perfume, chemical actives and preservatives are avoided. Our range of products is created with great care based on Asian tropical spa treatments and packed for home, travel and professional spa use.
Tanamera logo personifies what we are all about ~ natural, eco friendly and a brand that draws inspiration from traditional Asian treatments complemented by tropical herbs and essences.

Since 2003, Tanamera have been exporting products to be used in Spas for beauty treatments. Tanamera concept of producing down to earth natural Spa products have been very well received by the Wellness and Spa industry and Tanamera products can be found in high end Spas around the world.


Tanamera Kacang Hijau Facial Scrub
A finely textured scrub to give a non-abrasive peel to the most sensitive skin.

Tanamera Sengkuang Facial Scrub
The scrub is especially useful for our tropical climate to reduce the effect of the blazing sun on delicate facial skin.

Tanamera Rice Powder Facial Scrub
The use of rice has been an integral part of Asian traditional lifestyles for centuries. In the absence of manufactured cosmetics, Asian women have used rice in its many forms as a secret aid to beauty. Tanamera now bring you the ancient beauty properties of the rice in a ready to use facial scrub enriched with plant actives.

Tanamera Hibiscus Facial Mask
This gentle mask helps to remove and reduce pore clogging, thus improving the general look and condition of skin.


Tanamera Tropical Lulur Scrub
Traditionally used as a bridal treatment and suitable for younger skin.

Tanamera Tropical Coffee Scrub
Blended with aromatic Malaysian coffee, rice and herbs such as Kaffir lime and pandanus leaf, the coffee scrub provides treatment for cellulite prone spots and thick and callused skin areas.

Tanamera Cocoa Bean Body Scrub
Use of the Cocoa bean scrub energize and revitalize tired skin and soothe and rebalance the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Especially kind to sensitive skin.


Tanamera Herbal Massage Oil
Specially concocted massage oil that is painstakingly boiled with herbs with natural warming effect to relax stressed muscles. Suitable to be used for sports massage.

Tanamera Ginger Blend Massage Oil
A blend of oils targeted to relieve muscle and abdominal cramps, reducing inflammation, and help with nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions.

Tanamera Body Carrier Oil
A combination of nourishing and softening cold press plant oils that will help improve the texture of the skin during massage. The perfect partner for Tanamera range of essential oils.


Tanamera Coconut Milk Bath
The natural creamy texture of Tanamera Coconut Milk Bath will help keep skin supple and soft without feeling greasy.


Tanamera Warming Massage Powder (param)
The warming massage powder is a traditional blend of warming herbs such as ginger, clove and nutmeg. However, it is also synergistically blended with herbs that contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties to enable maintenance of healthy skin. To be combined with Warming massage oil.

Tanamera Warming Massage Oil
The warming massage oil is specially concocted massage oil that is painstakingly boiled with herbs that contain these properties: antibacterial, warming, stimulating blood, anti-inflammatory, astringent, natural antibiotic, antiseptic, and antispasmodic, antifungal.

Tangas Herbs
Part and parcel of Tanamera signature postnatal treatments, the Tangas herbs cleanse and used as part and parcel of postnatal treatment, the tangas is also believed to firm up vaginal muscles and reduce inflammations.

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Tangas Herbs
Part and parcel of Tanamera signature postnatal treatments, the Tangas herbs cleanse and used as part and parcel of postnatal treatment, [size=150]the tangas is also believed to firm up vaginal muscles[/size] and reduce inflammations.

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Kandungan herba tangas:

kayu serapat
daun sireh
halia angin
halia bara
pinang muda
dan pelbagai herba

Kegunaan Herba Tangas:

  • Kitaran haid yang tidak teratur
  • Masalah keputihan
  • Senggugut
  • Rahim tidak subur
  • Menopaus
  • Bau yang tidak menyenangkan
  • Boleh melangsingkan badan
  • Menyegarkan badan yang lemah
  • Menaikkan seri wajah dan awet muda
  • Merapatkan dinding rahim dan alat sulit wanita
  • Memulihkan hubungan suami isteri


Normal Facial RM50 ( 1hr 45min )
Whitening Facial RM65 ( 2hr )
Facial Aura Seri RM68 ( 2hr )
Facial Resdung RM45 ( 30min )

Neck & Shoulder Massage RM60 ( 45min )
Hand Reflexology RM45 ( 45min )
Foot Reflexology RM45 ( 45min )
Normal Massage with Tangas Sauna RM90 ( 1hr 15min )
Relaxing/Traditional Massage with Tangas Sauna RM125 ( 1hr 30min )
Aura Seri Body Massage with Tangas Sauna RM125 ( 1hr 30min )

Body Scrubs RM45 (1hr )
Body Whitening RM75 (1hr 30min)
Body Bleaching RM90 (1hr 30min )

Milk Bath RM45 ( 30min )
Aura Seri Bath RM55 ( 30min )
Tangas Sauna RM45 ( 30min )

Pakej 1
Normal Facial
(free treatment resdung)
RM300 Less 50% RM150
( 2hr 30min )

Pakej 2
Body Scrub
Milk Bath+Steam Bath
Massage + Normal Facial + Intimacy Care + Hand Massage/Head Massage
( Free Treatment Resdung )
RM500 Less 50% RM250
( 3hr 30min )

Pakej 3
Body Scrub + Aura Seri Bath + Sauna

  • Intimacy Care + Aromateraphy/Traditional Massage
    Whitening Facial + Head massage/Hand massage
    ( free Treatment Resdung )
    RM600 Less 50% RM300
    ( 4hr 30min )

Pakej Perkahwinan
Minggu 1 ( 2hr 30min )
Minggu 2 ( 2hr )
Minggu 3 ( 2hr 30min )
Minggu 4 ( 3hr )

Business Hour
9:30am - 7:00pm
Everyday except Tuesday

For arrange appoinment please contact Lieya - 012 8727783

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