Malaysia is prepared to use nuclear energy

The Government is prepared to use nuclear energy as a substitute for oil and as a long-term alternative to produce electricity if fuel prices continue to surge in the global oil market.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak however said the government would first look for other alternative sources of power such as solar, hydro, mini-hydro, biomass and renewable energy source from garbage. We have to explore all alternative energy sources. Nonetheless, the prospect of Malaysia opting to nuclear technology cannot be discounted, only that we will look at other alternatives first, he told reporters after opening the Science Study Centre for Felda settlers children and pupils from rural areas at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Jengka 2 here today. Najib said turning to nuclear energy was an option that cannot be ignored in the future as it was cheap, safe and did not burden consumers. Using nuclear as a substitute to fuel however depends on the governments decision as the transition to nuclear energy will incur high costs to develop the infrastructures and facilities, he said. Launching the electricity safety awareness campaign in Temerloh recently, TNB vice-president (distribution) Abllah Mohd Salleh had said the utility giant was prepared to use nuclear energy to replace oil. He had said nuclear was suitable to generate electricity for the future to tide over with the depleting oil resources worldwide. TNB will take about 15 years to develop the infrastructures to use nuclear energy and to find suitable sites, he said.


dont forget the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster in 1986, chernobyl ukraine ussr. the after effect of which is radiation. a lot of people espcly in eastern europe whose deaths were linked to radiation

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Don’t worry Baham, the Malaysian Q.C. standards (all three of them) are very famous. Nuclear powerplant? No problems! With such a large nuclear smoke stack it should be easy to hide all the problems in it when the sweeping under the carpets are full.

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bettul la, though manila is not actually in the eye of the storm but the adjacent provinces, however we also got a strong wind and heavy rain .no flights originating from manila FOR THIS MORNing. we are also suffering from electric power interruption. now using a laptop, battery charged is only good for an hour . back to the topic pls

And you know what?

Chances are the nuclear plant will be built in Sarawak

Since we are more rural in term of places

Good or bad? you think

i suggest to build a solar energy plant…does everyone know that,if we can can build a solar panel cover 10% of Sahara desert,we had enough alternate energy to supply the WORLD.imagine that!energy supply from the sun,0% pollution…and must be cheap…because the source is free…i said we combine the world together and work things out!countries can get their share of energy for eternity by just buying these solar penal equipment…i know it would be expensive at first,but think about it at long term…electric power for eternity?if i am the world leader,i would do that…and oil and gas price will drop,because we dont need oil and gas to power up the electric city anymore…we can enjoy cheap oil and gas for our car…go green!i learn all these at discovery channel…

the world is polluted enough!and nuclear is very dangerous to us and our environment…nuke is just a stupid choice for me…

Solar cell require batteries to store where the power went. A solar panel combined to the size of what you’ve described would poison all of us because the batteries needed would be huge (battery chemicals?). Solar cells - along with batteries - have a relatively short life span before they needed replacing. Batteries have an even shorter life span.

the world is polluted enough!and nuclear is very dangerous to us and our environment…nuke is just a stupid choice for me…

Did you know that nuclear fission is a relatively clean form of energy? The only byproduct released is steam. The nuclear waste is another matter, of course, but they are usually handled under strict conditions, and are stored away in unused mines or the like.

The funny thing is that Malaysia declared to be nuclear-free some years back if I recall correctly.

we have a Bataan nuclear power plant a few hundred kilometers away from manila, but it was not activated for safety reason and anomalous contract between phils. govt. and US white westinghous company during marcos time

if my car have nuclear generator, …

eh - better not play with fire.

Why government never try to introduce wildmill technology? is the wind in this region not strong enough?

cause no one ‘chui’ them to fast fast make decision so they never thought about it

Nuclear energy in Malaysia huh? It’s a good alternative, but we also have others. Each gives pros and cons(doesn’t things always)

At the times of fluctuating oil price, we should really think scientifically, economically and environmentally for alternatives.
Eg. Hydro power. just imagine if we experience great earth quake(not yet, but who knows), will the dam withstand the vibrations? What if it crack? Imagine the water flow to cover the area…

Nuclear? it’s clean, yeah. But if something goes wrong (nothing is perfect), the consequence will be devatating.

Sigh, why don’t our world government just install solar panel on all countries and connected through an international grid so that no “battery” will be needed. The other bright side of earth will transfer their extra energy to the dark side. Perhaps too troublesome to do all those diplomatic stuff or too costly for the construction. I don’t think our country will use nuclear energy as alternative for time being since we are lack of technology and knowledge about it, moreover big superpower will not share their information for puny country like us. lol

Nuclear energy is not a heavy pollutant. Fossil fuel and coal based power plants are by far even more damaging. the danger of a nuclear power plant is the critical meltdown. which by today’s standards is very unlikely…not impossible. but unlikely. i for one would like to see the introduction of nuclear energy, IF!our govt can show that it wont be built by the lowest bidder who is a company owned as a subsidary of an MP’s wife’s cousin’s company…if you know what i mean. also, malaysia still has a lot of land. we can simply locate the plant in a more remote area. where in the event of a worst case scenario, losses are kept to a minimum.

Lets face it, we NEED a new renewable energy source, i would say Hydro is great, but it wont happen now… nor anytime soon.

why nuclear? i dont think msia have the expertise for fooling arnd with nuclear yet. =.=

yeah, hydro or solar would be better options mah…

yes, not strong enough, and not consistent enough

I opt for Windmill, very clean power and can be install anywhere. Btw having windmill around the site looks more romantic and scenic view on the field. At least this structure could help reduce lighting strike on high rise houses.