Malaysia Games: Cash on their mind


Malaysia Games: Cash on their mind
20 May 2006
K. M . Boopathy

DESPITE the Malaysia Games Supreme Councils warning, the States are in a race to outdo each other in offering rewards, some rather lavish, to their Malaysia Games athletes.

The States, which agreed in principle to maintain a RM2,000 ceiling for athletes who win gold during the post-mortem of the 2004 edition, seem to have fogotten their undertaking.

Penang have offered RM3,000 for gold, RM2,000 for silver and RM1,000 for bronze.

For every gold medal Penang win after breaching the 40 mark, each gold medallist will receive an additional RM100.

For example, if Penang end up with 45 gold, each gold is worth RM3,500 and could go as high as RM4,000 if the State achieve the 50-gold target.

For team events, Penang athletes stand to earn RM1,000 for gold, RM700 for silver and RM350 for bronze in a team of two while it will be RM500, RM350, RM200 for gold, silver and bronze respectively in a team of three.

Perak have set their rewards at RM2,000 for gold, RM1,500 for silver and RM1,000 for bronze while an athlete who wins a gold and breaks the Games record stands to win RM3,000, while the silver and bronze medals are worth RM1,500 and RM1,200 respectively.

Selangor are expected to give away RM5,000 for an athlete who wins gold and sets a new Games record while hosts Kedah, aiming for the overall crown this time, have allocated a staggering total of RM450,000 as reward for all the medal winners.

A gold medal for a Kedah athlete is worth RM3,000, including RM1,000 for a record, RM1,500 for silver and RM750 for bronze while a team gold is worth RM2,000, silver and bronze are worth RM1,500 and RM750.

Malaysia Games supreme council secretary Abdul Jalil Abdullah requested the States to have development in mind and not go overboard with their incentives.

“It becomes a concern when States start giving such huge sums as incentives for the athletes. There are no rules to prevent rewards but we hope the States will not be too generous,” said Jalil yesterday.

"The representatives from the States agreed in principle during the supreme council meeting last year that they would settle for RM1,500 for gold and the maximum monetary reward would not exceed RM2,000.

"However, they are not keeping their promise and we are powerless to do anything. We are not saying that incentives should be abolished totally but they must not be so lavish.

“They must take into consideration that there are athletes below 13 and such huge sums for athletes so young is not a positive development.”

Little wonder that most athletes prefer to skip international meets and compete in the Malaysia Games.

A Sea Games gold is worth RM5,000 and there is no monetary reward for silver and bronze.

That’s ok I think… considered international atheletes like England Football players which are paid thousands of pound sterling each week… :smiley:


The rewards getting less.

even the PC gamers normal tournament can get better rewards :stuck_out_tongue:


The rewards getting less.

even the PC gamers normal tournament can get better rewards :P[/quote]

… agree… hehehe… :smiley: