Malaysia Broadband Coverage Mapping!

hi guys; i just found a site
which is a new project by Josh Lim.
Currently the project is focusing Klang Valley area and according to the creator; they will roll out the to natiowide during phase 2.
Be part of Redesign Malaysia! improve our broadband penetration!
Currently; the project is still in beta mode and if it is well; team around nationwide will be set-up.
Since sarawak/sabah covearge will be in phase 2; it is good chance that miri get the connection to Redesign Malaysia and see if miri can have better internet access.
This is my suggestion for miricommunity; any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Uh, what project exactly is that? Ironically, their site is too slow - so slow I finished typing this and it’s still loading…

lol, i was just about to ask if the server was in Msia anot…coz it loads so slow…
-oh, its done.

i was being informed earlier on by blogga friend of mine regarding this, never thought it would reach forums that fast. Wow - KVReninem thanks for bringing this topic up and you beat me to it by posting it first, here.


Hi KVReninem! It’s Josh Lim here, me and my team created

Would like say that yes, our server is located in Malaysia, and we’re using a relatively expensive hosting account. However, we might probably shift to a faster server if we get the budget or sponsorship.

Also, it’s not ironic that it loads slowly - it’s exactly because it loads slow that broadband in Malaysia needs to be redesigned :slight_smile:

Would appreciate feedback from Miri residents so we can put up some information in Phase 2 - currently, the team is located in the Klang Valley and we don’t have a good idea of the broadband situation over in Miri…anyone care to enlighten us? Cheers.

Hi joshlim

Nice to have you on board! Actually, even I don’t have a clue about Miri broadband, but my areas have been stable so far - occassional slowdowns, but not so that I-pull-out-my-hair-and-gouge-my-eyes-out type of slow. I’ve been a streamyx user since the service first started, around start of '02. Those days its rocky but I don’t think about it much nowadays.

My 2 cents.

p.s. so what’s the project about? kicking TMnert’s ass? opening up your own ISP? or anything to make DSL slower faster?

ian; i believe joshlim project is to kick MCMC ass and govt interm statistic report…

I remember reading a couple years back some folks band together in tmnet.communities or jaring.pcbase to gather data on connectivity issues on streamyx. Some went to the extent of writing applications to log traceroute & pings because of the unsatisfactory services. I’m not sure what has happened to the group’s effort, but rest assured they are feared by the service provider and they always get good support services (and free upgrades if you’re really influential). That happened way before the service provider decided to focus on providing better telephone customer support and improving their services. For RedesignMalaysia, I’m thrilled to know that end-users are still making efforts to nail push ISPs to the right direction. :smiley:

I would like to ask for feedback regarding your streamyx connection. My connection seems to slow down tremendously starting Saturday afternoon and only goes back up around Monday.

A friend of mine informed me that streamyx was down during this period. I have been experiencing similar problems for weeks.

So i was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.