Malaysia Book of Record & Party in d Park

Hello Mirianz…

Jst wanna share tis info wt ya all on tis coming week n…

Courts Mammoth Miri is gonna ‘exhibit’ their longest sofa tis Saturday (28th Apr) at its premise & it will b recorded in d Msia Book of Record. So, if u wanna find out o jst wanna go 4 ‘jalan2’, lets drop by 8 Courts Mammoth tis Sat… :wink:

Eva heard of Party in d Park 8 Madison Square!!! Yeah mann…its a big PARTY!!! Well…Miri is goin 2 hv 1, similar concept bt in a smaller scale…ter will b 6 live bands performing on tat day 8 Miri City Fan from 2pm-5pm on Sunday (29th Apr) :smiley:

No plans 4 d week n!!! Hopefully above events would giv u some ideas on wat 2 do n wer 2 go… :wink:

…and the news is out only now…?! thats lame…
…but thanx for the heads up, LadyBird!

Hyperactive - Yup…i agreed wt u on tis…guess its jst d way of typical Mirians gettin things done - lst min thingy!! Got tis news frm a close fren of mine simply bcoz he’ll b d ‘MC Hammer’ 4 both of d mentioned events… :smiley:

Neway, 8 least we cn c buntings/banners in town on Courts Mammoth longest sofa thingy bt nt on d ‘Party in d Park’…noticed only ystrdy d news abt it out in BP…it’s an event organised by d MMC :shock: , shud hv inform d public earlier tho… :frowning: Xpected more than 5K ppl 2 turn up 4 d party wt lst min notice 2 public??? I doubt it cn pull big crowd tis Sun… :roll: Wateva it is, will b ter 2 find out… :twisted: