- catering/delivery info

Attention all food businessmen and businesswomen,

It come to my attention where the demand of catering services are booming due to the fact of one hour lunch break is little too short for many people working around Miri.

Therefore i would like to get everyone attention and help in provide me contact numbers and your menu to me at or post it here.

I will compile a list and make it convenient to everyone for reference and at the same time it benefits anyone who are offering catering/delivery business.


[quote=“He-man”]you are starting a delivery service?..great!

send me 1 nasi lemak special and 1 soya bean fresh…1155hrs sharp

how much for the delivery charge?[/quote]

Hi He-man,

i am not starting a business, but trying to ask everyone who own business in Miri providing me all the detail for the convenience of everyone who would like to have catering/delivery service due to their strict lunch break timing.