Majority of requests, complaints received by MCC relates to engineering matters

Julaihi (front, seventh left) with MCC officials at one of the monthly meet-the-people sessions in Krokop Market.

MIRI: The majority of public complaints and requests received by Miri City Council (MCC) during its meet-the people session at Krokop Market here yesterday have been directed to its engineering section.

It is learned that six out of 10 issues related to engineering were on the maintenance of drains; two on maintenance of roads including road bumps, and another two were complaints about traffic light and streetlight problems.

Ten cases were received by MCC public health section, related mainly to cleanliness issues.

The public cleanliness maintenance section recorded two requests on garden waste collection and a complaint about stray cats and problems associated with it.

Deputy Miri Mayor Julaihi Mohamad, who came down to Krokop Market yesterday with other councillors, said the session was one of MCC’s monthly commitments where the representatives of the council’s various sections would meet the people and find out their issues, problems and complaints pertaining to MCC services.

“This programme has been conducted for years – it serves as the best platform for those living under MCC jurisdiction to obtain first-hand information about MCC services while on our part, we get to get on-the-spot feedback from them.

“At the same time, our officers and councillors are able to bridge the communication gap between MCC and the people at grassroots level.”

Julaihi said although some of the complaints might appear petty or trivial, it would still be the council’s responsibility to hear them out and propose solutions for the problems.

“Grass-cutting and drain-clearing are the basic services provided by the council. Any complaints that we get must be addressed.

“Other than that, the council would also forward issues raised by the public during our meet-the people session, to the relevant authorities,” he said.

Source: The Borneo Post

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