Mahathir say We need an opposition

if you say you don’t believe anwar has changed, well… may be mahathir has…

from malaysiakini
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Three days before polling day, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad told voters that the country needs an opposition that can hold up a mirror to the government.

I believe in an opposition. I have always maintained that this country needs an opposition and they should be critical of the government without which we dont have a mirror to look at our faces. We think that we are very beautiful but it is the opposition that keeps telling us (that may not be true).

You know the government member (of parliament), sometimes they are ahli bodek (apple polishers). They are always saying youre right, and you have no means of assessing whether you are going in the right direction or not.

He told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview today that it would be a disaster if the country loses its opposition as in Singapore.


so, those who support mahathir and say vote for opposition is no use, go stand at the corner for your ignorance… your sifu say you are wrong! :twisted:

only IF the opposition is capable…

did mahathir say “we need capable opposition”?

did mahathir say the opposition is not capable?

you must be smarter than mahathir. want to be PM? :twisted:

and BN alwez said “we dun need opposition…”

now after GE, opposition did a good job.
now government can not sebarang2 x buat keja.

sam value should be probe by ACA :stuck_out_tongue:

sam value should be probe by ACA :P[/quote]

yeah, dig up every cent samy robbed from the people, esp the indians.

dig up all the all files on maika holding.

i wonder if he’s going to do a zakaria and deny justice a chance to be served on him…