Machine shop to install sleeve on cast iron engine block

Hi guys,

Can anyone suggest or direct me to a reputable machine shop that can perform sleeve installation on an overbore cast iron engine block, i want a good one, the one that know what they are doing please... cause i have been to two shop and they cant tell me what will they do to stop the sleeve to move when its hot and engine is on high rev. thank guys, appreciate it so much.

will the sleeve move meh? It pack so tight top bottom. My 3L hilux engine already done that 12 year and not a single problem yet.

it did, it did not happen to my car but it did happen to a friend, i does not move much maybe just 1 mm or so but still it can cause harm, that is why when we rebuild back the engine and rebore it and they (machine shop) install a new sleeve and they did something like a step to the sleeve and block to avoid it to slip again, but the guy who did that machining went back to philippines already and his colleague cant understand what we try to explain to him, thats why i need to look for another machinist that can do the same thing again. did ask at another shop but they refuse... they said no need, they give an answer like u did... it will not move, plus they said it cant be done, so what to do, as for you case diesel engine usually have liner already right bro? so i guess on the bottom of ur engine they have this step thing that will avoid that to happen, plus i guess it move on my engine on the first place is caused by different material between engine block and sleeve so probably it cause different expansion and so on.. or maybe a sloppy job on the 1st one, i am not an engineer so i dunno laa, just try to avoid double job again, n sadly now its my car, hurm