Mac users grumble here if you may

hello fellow Mac users,
here is where you can post up ‘complains’ of such, more like your own opinions after using your MAChines. please do not start a riot here, it’s merely for users to share experiences on bugs and glitches, perhaps kind enough to share tips and tricks.

i’m using a 3,1 Macbook white and i’ve had it around 1.5 years now. sucky thing was a few days after my AppleCare ran out, my ComboDrive went kaput and since then i havent been able to burn/read discs. it’s amazing how it broke for no reason right after a year of usage when it was fine all along. ah well. can’t wait for Snow Leopard to come out.

Mac price is high ah

yea especially the new notebooks. they are now like the superior German car brands, you stick the company badge on a piece of metal and people will still buy them like wedding rings. i’m not saying they’re not good, just at sometimes i do feel they are slightly over-rated.

Maybe it wont be called mac if its cheap hahah

I’ve G4 mac mini for 3 years never have any problem.
Originally come with panther, now upgrade to tiger.
Tried upgrade again to leopard but not success, beside
my proc is only 1.25GHz, good enuf for my day to day
general usage. So far it is the most reliable computer
I’ve ever bought. There is a Mac Miri site, try it:

thanks for your opinion lasting99. i checked out the site you gave, sad to see it’s not that active too. i need to clean format my macbook, but it’s such a b*atch that the combo drive isn’t functioning.

you can use an external drive isn’t it? also the macbook combo drive is just an ordinary notebook dvd-r/cd-rw drive right? can find it in many computer shop, don’t have to be Apple specific isn’t it?
If you are in Miri then maybe you can try OptiPrimus shop in bintang mega mall there.
fyi - my mini combo drive is starting to give problem lately also. luckily i seldom use it, I have an external dvd burner and i used that most frequent.

the combo drive is Apple specific mate, apparently. well, i went to MAChines in Lot10 KL last month and the dude who works there quoted me a price of RM1300 (yes i’m not kidding) just to replace the combo drive. it’s a slot-in cd drive, i dunno if other makes would work on this notebook and i dont have the means nor enough experience to take it apart myself despite the warranty is already dead.

gah new macbook pros. the 13" models are macbook models with standardized illuminated keyboards