<WTS> READY STOCK Naturactor, blusher, cosmetic

Items below are ready stock and new. COD available in Miri only. Out of miri then we prefer to choose poslaju. We will advice you about the postage. Cosmetic that we sell mostly have tester. We only sell cosmetic that we use on us or our customers. Please sms/whatsapp 019-8198711 or 013-4391464 for any inquiries or purchase. TQ :slight_smile:

  1. Eyebrow pencil RM16/pc
    -very natural brown color

  2. NYX powder eyeshadow RM22/pc

  • the color very pigment, bright
  1. NYX eyeshadow RM18/pc
  • matte type
  1. Palette set RM22/set
  • eyeshadow, blusher & shading all in 1 set
  1. ELF eye primer RM16/pc
  • to make your eyeshadow more bright and lasting even u using no brand eyeshadow
  1. DUO false lashes glue RM15/pc
  • Recommended good glue
  1. Makeup base RM28/pc
  • to keep your makeup lasting
  1. Hard tip waterprood liquid eyeliner RM16/pc

  2. Arabic kajal eyeliner RM12/pc

  3. Blending brush RM16/pc

  • to create smokey eyes look
  1. 3 colour blusher(pink) RM22/set

  2. 3 color blusher(brown) RM22/set

  3. Face spray

  • to keep ur face moisture, those that wear on makeup will make it lasting
  • available in 2 size. 20ml- RM17 , 100ml-RM28
  1. Eyeshadow brush RM13/pc

  2. Naturactor foundation (available in code 140, 141 & 151) RM35/pc

  • very ‘light’ foundation, natural.
    available in 3 colours. chinese fair skin, malay medium(natural) and malay dark skin