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Selling orignal SK-II product & Branded Perfume with very reasonable price & cheaper than retail price!!!

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Item(s) conditions:
100% Authenticate
Brand New

Q. Why the price is cheaper than market?
Because I can get it at special price, my supplier is an SK-II agent :slight_smile:

Q: Is it authenticate?
Yes, its definitely authentic. You are welcome to bring the product to any SK-II counter for further verification.

Q: Why Facial Treatment Essence packaging is different? Why the smell or color looks different from the one I purchase before?
For essence 150ml, 215ml and 250ml, all the packaging is totally different. You may check this out at counter.
For smell and color, some batch might be clearer and less smell, but some batch might be little yellowish and more smelly. Refer to sk2 beauty consultant, this is very common. The reason is the essence is go through a fermentation process. Originally, the miracle water is no color and no smell, because it is fragrance and coloring free. But during the process of making the product, the color and smell change. Due to all this is always depends on environment, so each batch will definately have same color and smell, but different batch might have different color and smell.

SKII Facial Treatment Essence 30mlx4=120ml

1 x 30ml (30ml) = RM85 retail: RM100
3 x 30ml (90ml) = RM250 more worth than 75ml RM299
5 x 30ml (150ml) = RM310 retail: RM370+

SK11 Facial Treatment Repair C 15ml
Market Price: RM164.5
My price RM140

SKII Skin Signature Eye Cream 15g

Market price RM339
My price RM280 ONLY!! PM me for special price

Branded perfume
DKNY Be Delicious EDP (W) 100ml
Retail Price RM290
My Price RM250

50ml My Price RM210 -Retail Price RM268.00

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne 80ml Edp
Retail Price : RM330.00
My Price RM290

Flora by Gucci 30ml Edt Spray
Retail Price : RM232.00
My Price RM200

Flora by Gucci 50ml Edt Spray
Retail Price : RM291.00
My Price RM255

Flora by Gucci 75ml Edt Spray
Retail Price : RM405.00
My Price RM305 (SAVE RM100)

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