<WTS> Big Market Small Money

Today, u can see everyone selling china items and tag u around inside Facebook, how and where these items come from? here u can go, www.taobao.com or [url=http://www.paipai.com]www.paipai.com and [url=http://www.alibaba.com]www.alibaba.com

1.)I’m doing Malaysia(RM) China(RMB) money exchange services.
the currency rate for Malaysia china rate is RM1 = RMB 1.70 (after tax and international rate charge)

2.) china to Malaysia logistic service - Boxes start from 50cm * 40cm = RM70 start ( can put 25 - 30 pc’s clothes around ).

3.) Am i trustable? everyone will worry about this problem. I have shop at Taman Yakin, Miri. For who interest to dealing with me, u can email me 1st. and i will arrange time to meet you at my shop, for face to face discuss about this, and you can doing online ordering at my shop too :slight_smile: I have 4mbps wifii services

4.) Good new too, i have Japan, Taiwan, Korea services too, if you have any stock from there :slight_smile:

email: Raffaellowong@hotmail.com
Hp : will giving to email who are interest to deal
soon will add bank account