Lost shih tzu

Dear miri com members, im seeking help from u all, My Shih Tzu lost at Desa Pujut 2, lot 58xx… anyone found her? she was gone 25 sept in the middle 10am to 12pm… she have [size=150]red collar [/size]with her…

that are alot of stray dogs… i think she might got raped by some big dogs…

it’s time for her to “explore” the real world out there :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…quite pity if been raped by some big dogs… :?

Mayb ur shih tzu get caught by someone oredi,sure a lot of ppl know this breed of doggie…last 3 mths,my gf dachshund also lost :? can’t find every way,even stick the lost dog notice n send the notice to every house…also no feedback…i’m sure the dog been caught or got raped oredi… :cry: i think u can decides to get a new puppy liaw…lol…


why you guys so cruel one, she already lost her dog and you guys still wanna say thing like got raped and “explore”… =.=
I live at Desa Pujut. Will try to look around for her!

Sorry for your lose. IMO, most likely cause is it’s been dognapped. Same thing happened to my neighbour’s dog.