Lost Birth Certificate

Hi. Did any of you lose your birth certificate before? If you did, was it difficult to get a replacement?

Yes, it is very troublesome to get a replacement for your birth cert…

u r in deep trouble now…

Yeap, I heard it is very difficult to get replacement. I lost my passport once and to get the replacement was very troublesome. People told me it is harder if you lose your birth cert.

Good luck to you in getting the replacement… Sorry, can’t help much …

lodge a police report on d missing birth cert, d police will giv u a copy of d police report 4 u 2 bring 2 d Registration Dept for a new birth cert…gud luck!! :slight_smile:

lodge a police report is the first thing u would have to do

if not wrong have to go High Court as well…

bring your passport and IC and i’m sure it won’t be a problem

High Court? :shock:

Yeah, I heard it’s very troublesome, but the persons who told me that heard from others, which those “others” probably heard it from some other people…

I did a search after posting the thread, this is what I found:

Loss, damage or destruction of birth certificate. Copy or extract from the register is required.
Father/mother, owner of certificate and legal representative (next-of-kin/lawyer) may apply for an extract of the register of births by:

a)Going personally to the State NRD where the child was born or the NRD headquarters, Putrajaya, and fill up the JPN.LM12 form,together with a photocopy of the applicants identity card. A cash payment of RM5.00 is charged for every extract.

State NRD is in Kuching isn’t it? Been very busy recently, I guess I won’t have time for it until March =/

By the way, for an adult, in what situation would I need to use my birth cert? I can’t really think of anything other than application for permanent residency or citizenship of another country.

I think just go to Pejabat Pendaftaran, apply for replacement…no need to make police report.