Looking to adopt cat or kitten

hi~ i’m looking for a normal cat, yes normal mix-breed cat.
not pure breed of persians or siamese cause i can’t afford to pay that much.
my budget is around RM 100 - 120
so if any one have any cat to give away please let me know.


i have kitten… do you want male or female??? what colour do you want?

PM me your contact number… TQ

hi. How about rabbit? I have a male rabbit to let go. Pure white. come with a cage and 2 feeding bowl. 0129137352 woeiyee@hotmail.com

there is a kitten for sale… pls pm me…
i will send u the pic

hi alice, can u ctc me 0128786967, what type of kitten u have?

There are kitten given away for free at Poh Kwang pet shop (across the country chicken rice) . Hurry before those kittens are all given away… =)

Hi, I’m one of the Paws volunteers, you can call Alison at 0128713170 to see which cats/kittens we have available for adoption! e got puppies and dogs too, anyone who is interested to adopt a loving pet, please call!