Looking PSP Gamerz in Miri

hye , im izwam , looking for psp gamerz in Miri , we plan to create competition for PES 2012 & Tekken 6 PSP only … pls pm me at facebook http://www.facebook.com/flexireloadbiz & join us in group http://www.facebook.com/groups/386502188031724/

consider me in if U are organizing a tourney for Tekken 6. :slight_smile:

sure no prob :smiley:

do you play other games besides that? how about yugioh 5d’s tag force? we can play tag duel.

do you have psp ? i need to create our psp community at miri first … and we can discuss about the game … :smiley:

Nobody considered Monsters Hunter 3rd?

there’s many game that we can play multiplayer . so we can discuss the game tht can create tournament … for PSP user only … ahah .

LOL i no money buy PSP … :frowning:

can borrow your friend maa ? LOL . :smiley:

I’m turning 60 in 2 months time… can I join??

turning 60 ?? haha . no problemm . as long as you hve psp …LOL


can borrow your friend maa ? LOL . :D[/quote]
Haha, i dun wan be in credit debts, LOL. I may buy one soon, LOL.

Age is just a figure bro, LOL.

WAH, TonyOps is hard core Gaming Grandpa…


[quote=“DMsia”]WAH, TonyOps is hard core Gaming Grandpa…

I LIKE![/quote]

yeahh ! agree ! HAHA . anyone your friend , cousin ?gt PSP ?

DMsia, buy me a PSP hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

how much is a psp now? always wanted a psp T__T

WoW~i also want to join…if got pls let me know…

last I saw, 699… plus pouch, memory and screen protector