Looking for Wedding Day Photographer and Cinematographer

Hi Mirian, I’m working at KL. I wish to engage a professional actual wedding day photographer and cinematographer. Any suggestion? My hubby and I just prefer professional but not those newbie. Thx


I had mine done recently from them.

where is ur wedding? kl or miri?

Try SDU…

any website or fb can view their portfolio? my wedding at miri, so i just look for professional and can provide quality photos and video

my wedding in miri

What u mean by SDU? haha

bonbon: i love the video, mayb i know how much for it?

Any photographer recommended?


Try Jentayu vision. They are based in Kuching but they can come to Miri. They even get invited overseas to do video shoot. Try google to look for their contact. Can also check their site out on fb.

suggest to try - https://twitter.com/shensnaps

Hi May Liu, i’m actual wedding day photographer based in miri. below is my link

https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Alvin … 0370935010


Hi Mary, I would like you to go to Four Season Bridal (King Phan Photography), just behind Permymall…he is the one that taking my wedding photoshoot for actual day…me & my wife really really love his works & job he is doing…he is professional photographer by the way & you’ll no need to worry about the quality of the picture he’d taken later… :smiley:

+1 for four season bridal