Looking for Ultimate Pisang Goreng in miri

50 cucur pisang!?

I eat 8 already so full! :-o

[quote=“wgn_white”]50 cucur pisang!?

I eat 8 already so full! :-o[/quote]

we even invited our friends and gave a few to neighbours

oh, the North! There are many good places along the federal road from Seberang Perai all the way until Alor Setar! dAMN wEST mALAYSIA REAlly will never run out of food

The recipe for those krip krap pisang goreng is very easy, juz melt 1 straw into the hot oil ad fry those pisangs. The pisang goreng will stay crispy even for 1 whole day… so beware of those side way food stall that has those super crispy foods even nobody buy them ~~

CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM WHETHER ITS TRUE THAT THEY PUT STRAWS IN THE OIL TO GORENG THE PISANG??? has anybody seen it done? or is it just another urban myth? i keep hearing this but ive never seen it.

…have not find any yet …

[quote=“loops”]i think theres a stal, actually a few stalls , near Stadium Tertutup , at the parking space of city fan , its quiet nice …

in kuching they sell 10 cent for 1 goreng pisang … i was there because i was studying in College so i donno the price , so basically i thought its the same as Miri, rm 1 for 4 goreng pisang
then i said to the makcik " makcik , cucur pisang , emm , RM5 " she was like :shock: then she gave me 50 goreng pisang and i was like :shock: :shock:
then she gave a sedekah , add a few more of those, and again i was like :shock: :shock: :shock: and I said , i dont have that much of money , and she was like :roll: " tadik mintak RM5 nak ? " and i was like :?: :?: :?: :shock: … i drove away , and at home , i eat like a barbarian … :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:[/quote]

even taman malihah matang oso same like this…10cents for 1…rm5 is a bigfeast man…very crunchy…

It’s not a myth…Friday or Saturday notice one stall selling all sorts of kuih, especially pisang goreng…Still a lot of ppl buy though :lol:

I remember few years back the Borneo Post even did a report for this…And they fried pisang with plastic and them compare them with the ones without plastic…It’s not that easy to differentiate them though, especially when you are hungry!!! :mrgreen:

go to pujut padang kerbau road they…at 4pm they start already bukak the stall…

not true at all…tactics to blackmail ppl…

go to satok kuching on saturday, pisang goreng rocks!

not true at all…tactics to blackmail ppl…[/quote]

no my friend, its true , at first i didn’t believe it myself, obviously Cucur Pisang DIEhardFAN =_=" , but it all changes after I saw it myself,