Looking for toy doggie

Hi all,

i am looking for a toy dog like pomeranian in Miri, is this possible?
Btw, i will have a frequent travel,so may i know where should i locate it when i am away?in pet shop?
Pls kindly advise the price also.


would like to bump this thread, on behalf of chuan, but also in the hope that Reno, Nightwatch or others may give some usefull advise.

i remember the terrible thread from last year, of the accounts of a lady who had left the beloved family pet in care,
whilst away for several weeks over a festive period (christmas?)
& on return was coldly informed that the pet-shop’s guard dog had unfortunately eaten the family pet.

are there any recommended ‘dog-sitters’ in town willing to look after pets over such long periods of maybe up to a month?

on a lighter note, does “a pomeranian” resemble anything like a French poodle?
is that i know Barney, is quite keen to get rid of his…

hopefully someone can give useful advise. I also want to know where to babysit the pet, normally i just give my gate key to my friend and he will come over my house and just feed it when i was away from home.

Hi, I’m selling off my Chi wa-wa… just born… 2 days old if interested Pm me… Thank You…