Looking for someone who can do balloon animals

Need someone to entertain children at a family day event with balloon animals/hat.

A clown would be nice, but ability to make balloon figures a must.

Would appreciate it if anyone knows where I can find someone to do this in Miri?

hi Laurence. How much is yr budget for the clown? I hv a clown but I hv to chk on his schedule first. Will let u know soon.

Fee is negotiable, the job is for 1 night only.

He/she need to be able to make balloon animals or something like that and entertain children.

If you can get me a contact number and a quotation, that would be good.

When is the date of the function?

The function is on the 2nd of March. Friday evening. Probably somewhere between 6pm onwards.

The event would go on till late, but he probably only need to entertain the children for a couple of hours only.

Give me a PM, email, or even call: 085-456212 to discuss if nessesary. We may need to interview him before as well.

Anyone else who knows of someone suitable for this? Doesn’t have to be a clown, just need to do the ballon thing with the children for 1 evening.