Looking For Room For Rent

Looking for room for rent near imperial mall and parkson. if any, pls email details to lukeanderson2004@yahoo.com or call me at 0168574092 (Mr Luke).

thank you very much.

if you find any room /house … we could share together… currently i’m also looking for a room

Room for rent located in Krokop 10
-New house
-New laminated flooring
-with some kitchen facilities & washing machine

Foir viewing contact me : 016 872 1222

alexsimyl: krokop 10 is a bit too far, cos im working near parkson and imperial mall area. but thanks yea.

schizo: alright man, i’ll let u know if there is any, and pls do let me know if there is any too. thanks.

Please see my post viewtopic.php?f=58&t=24799 we can work out details later if interested.