Looking for property at Pujut, Krokop or Piasau

Budget ~250k. Any chance?

don’t think so… lowest i’ve seen is around 300+k

Pls contact 012-8737578

it depands on the type of property and also year of built.recently some guy bought a $270k run down pujut 3 D/detach reconstruct the place and sold it at $700k.so it really depands on wat you are looking at.

250K will not get you much in those areas. Most probably the property is very run down. A friend of mine bought a run down S/D house in Krokop for 280K, throw in another 200K to knock down all except the main structure, re-done all up. Now it looks like a mansion, really a big house now.

see…480k for a mansion size property in krokop is cheap compare to a s/d house in tudan/senadin which cost 10-20k cheaper.

i am going to sale my house at RM 398,000 at krokop 3 ( 11.10 points)
if interested please contact Mr.Tan 019 884 0031

my friend would like to sell his house. RM 250K for double storey semi detached house. location: piasau. land title still have 30 years left.
~8.++ points. if you are interested, please pm me.