Looking for part time assistant tutor (female)

Venue: Pujut 1B

Time: Monday (4-7pm), Wednesday (4-7pm), Thursday (4-6.45pm), Friday (6pm-9pm), Saturday (4-6.45pm), Sunday (10.45am-1.45am)
p/s: not necessary to take all the classes, it depends on you whether to take how many classes

Subject: Secondary 1, 2 and 3 Maths

Job scope: Easy job, do not have to prepare for anything, just walk around to assist the students when they need help, there is another teacher teaches on the white board.
First 1.5 hours: walk around to assist the students with their exercises, another 1.5 hours: mark the exercises done by the students (if
finish marking earlier, you may leave earlier, salary will not be deducted) ^^

Salary: depends on number of classes u take

Contact: pm me here if you’re interested


hai cutepiging,got other vacancy again?

Hi~ quinqueen…mind pm me your details so that when got vacancy again i can contact you??

ok…sure can. :slight_smile:


sorry~~ thread closed~~~ no vacancy available at the moment…will update again if got vacancy^^ just pm me your email of hp number…so that once got vacancy i can contact you…thanks a lot~ XD