Looking for osh internship

Hi, I am studying Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health and now I am looking for Internship/Industrial Training here in Miri.

Position Applied: Practical Trainee (Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health)

Objectives: “My internship objectives are to adapt and to experience with the real industries world so I know how it feels to be a very responsible Safety Health Officer not just by books and notes but being in the shoe of a Safety Health officer in the industries.”

Language Proficiency: Excellent in both spoken and written in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Intermediate in Chinese (Mandarin) speaking.

Computer Literacy : Able to operate Microsoft Words, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.

Any industries preferred (construction site, shipping, factories, oil & gas and etc…) so I can start my intern soonest possible with your company.

Please don’t hesitate to email to me charlmie8@gmail.com for your offer then I will forward my resume or just drop here the email so I can contact the company by myself.

Thank you :smile: