Looking for office boy/clerk job

as mention, im looking for office boy or clerk job. i have a D license and a car of my own and ill be available to work early next month…


got electrical,mechanical or electronic technical experience? even a bit is ok…if u do…do PM me…

sry panggau, no experience in that field… but im willing to learn and make new experience in that field if can…

i got something for you pm me ASAP

u got pm bro. bump~

Pls pm me. We are looking for office clerk.

we’ve got position, pls pm me.

Here is some clerk job at Miri:

General Clerk
Koperasi Serbaguna Miri Bhd (Miri)
http://jobsarawak.com/job.aspx?id=301&t … eral-clerk

Data Entry Clerk
Shih Yang Piasau Slipways Sdn Bhd (Miri)
http://jobsarawak.com/job.aspx?id=301&t … eral-clerk



bump again~ ^^



http://impact-my.jobstreet.com//Forms/a … ddt=1&gf=0

thx bro. will try it .

got job al8d? hahaha see ya in KL bro…