Looking for mix or pure breed puppy to buy

I am interested in buying or adopting a pure breed or mix breed puppy.
If anyone is selling or putting for adoption, please let me know. Leave your price and picture of the puppy if possible.
Ty :mrgreen:

what dog u want to buy? price range?

Any pure or mix breed dog. Um…you name the price first.

i mean pure or mix breed puppy

u want a large breed, medium breed or small breed?
u want a toy dog, guard dog or sporting dog?
u want to keep in house or out door?
if u can give us these info, it’s easier for us to look for u.

small breed. keep in or our door also can.

medium breed also can

Shih Tzu, Poodle, Beagle or Mongrel that can be found anywhere.

why must pure breed or mix leh?

I want Rottweiler or Labrador…anyone selling Labrador??? :smiley:

Those kind of dogs also can. You got sell arh?

why don’t you go and look around in miri pet shop?
Even if i got, are u really serious in buying it?

dont wait other ppl spoonfeed u la… go look around urself