Looking for Mitsubishi ECU

Hi all, Im looking for mitsubishi ecu.

Code : MD178830.

If you happen to see any, please let me know asap.

please state clearly what exactly you are looking for.

Nothing on google for that code.

ecu is for mitsu 4g92 non mivec engine. tried uploading picutures but it keeps saying image invalid. How come invalid?i dont know. file format is in JPG format.
Image can be viewed here

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= … 79&theater

Here’s the picture. hope this gives a clearer view.


ur car is what model? auto or manual?

my car is iswara. convert from 1.6 sohc to dohc…manual transmission.if you can help me get it, please do. i need it urgently.

get 4g93 ecu la… =)

takut sik ngam…bleh test ur ecu lok ka?mun ecu sik ngam, start pun sik mok.

takut sik ngam…bleh test ur ecu lok ka?mun ecu sik ngam, start pun sik mok…wats ur ecu code?read on9 that there’s a few ecu’s compatible with this wiring. 5806,747,6123 and 5537.

sik tauk…sik pernah check…hehehe…camne mok pinjam test?

cabut ur ecu pass to me…ehehe…if i can get the car moving tomorrow, might wanna bring it home.sik mok simpan di workshop lamak2.

u punya ecu apahal sik hantar pergi repair. ecu boleh repair punya. i pernah repair.

capasitor leak n chip ada hangus.im scared the board also hangus.


will try to send it to the electrical shop in krokop tomorrow and hopefully i can get it fixed.

haha, in tat condition show in ur pic… hard to fix unless u get a almost similar ecu and change the chip lo… coz very hard to find new chips.