Looking for Miss Sarawak to represent Malaysia

Hi guys i’m looking for a sarawakian lady to represent malaysia in an international pageant in China next week, quite last minute because i was informed last minute laaa…air ticket, food, accomodation all paid upfront…let me know if you’ve someone in mind thanks :slight_smile:

without any contest??

wah, sure a good news!

nope.,.no contest…will hav to go thru me though :stuck_out_tongue: thing is wanna give sarawakian the opportunity to represent msia in international stage :slight_smile:

any minimum height that u have to be in order to represent? i know a few pretty ladies but not sure if they are interested or not. lol.

Very suspicious, how do we know you are legal agent to employ such pageant without having to go though several local contest to gain local recognition first? just doing on behalf of our women for safety since we have lot of human traficking issue around asia.

I’m sure Marlene is pretty much legal as she was quite involved with the industry itself (Mayhaps in her younger days), if you checked her name.

Hi type-R - i dun write a lot here cos i only want serious applications and yes, as cookie mentioned, i’m quite involved in this industry and i’m a strict strict and choosy trainer…before i accept the offer of sending a representative over, i do my own research on the pageant…of cos i m not tat silly using my name to do illegal things laaa…and also, if got girls simply join without knowing or asking anythin also too stupid oredy :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe but…no…i’m no criminal :stuck_out_tongue:
eh cookie…pls ah wat u mean younger days i m stil below 25 aduhhhhhhaiiii
iamkroll - i prefer 170cm and above but if 168cm also can…
i m grooming miss australia (in perth) for the same pageant as well only big shots like miss world and miss universe need lots of selections thats why not easy, this one cannot say easy, cos you stil hav to go thru me hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: this title is not as famous but it concentrate more on women fitness etc…well at least its international…i only reveal the info to ppl who r interested
anyway i also wanna go…everythin paid somemore sien…they will be touring aroung shanghai and changsu etc etc ma haiii…so nice…if not because i cannot off day cos too many off days oredy :stuck_out_tongue:

25 ?? My friend here disagrees with you :mrgreen:


170cm girlies in miri are rare to come by !!

wish u the best of luck! Will be tuning in the pagent tho!

if 25 is too old …kesian looo most of the supermodels are over that age ! or just ur fren is a lolicon cookie! ahhaha

gotta admit these girls got some spunk… their self confidence is really really good.

as some might call these people ‘relics from bygone days’

no offense intended, personally I find these people amazing

Lol cookie!!

Pedobear does not approve.

aduh sarawak really no pretty qualified girls ahh…aduhaiii

lols miri gal? hahaha…hard lor…u tot so easy find pretty like u 1 mer?

something doesn’t sound right here…

you just want any girl from the jungle to go with you there?

Pada awek2 cun kat luar sana, jaga-jaga oh, nanti silap haribulan kena jual jadi pelacur sapa yg susah? not saying the person who created this thread is bad person, just better be careful before it’s too late.

waaa wandyhee jangan cakap macam itu…hahaha…jangan risau, kalau saya organise punya benda, memang tak de masalah…walaupun saya sudah kat perth 5 tahun tapi masih pandai baca bahasa melayu ya, dulu sekolah kat dato’ punya…aduh lain kali tidak mau recruit gadis dari sini laa…kena orang ingat saya orang jahat hehehe…
kalau saya bawa gadis pergi luar negeri jangan takut, memang tak de hal punya…
anyway kerana saya tidak berjaya mencari gadis yang berkualiti untuk mewakili malaysia, jadi mereka cari perempuan dari KL sana…haiii bazirlaaa satu peluang untuk gadis sarawak mengharumkan nama sarawak…tapi, miss australia yang saya hantar, masuh top 20 kemudian mendapat subsidiary title…ada 40 gadis dari negara-negara lain yang menyertai, hanya ada 3 top pemenang, dan 4 saguhati, miss australia dapatn satu, gembiralah saya…harap-harap satu hari miss malaysia pun boleh…hehehe

wahh… nice chance offered… i think really cantik one already went to kl for better opportunity
if cannot find any female, shemale also can lah hehe

do a contest or something la

marlene, kamu masih boleh berbicara BM ya?
tp agaknya english mu ada slang australia?

marlene…its sad tat ppl who doesnt knw u just think tat u r a bad person…hehehe…anyway…good luck on ur search…go go dato’ rite as we all dato-rian says it…

hehe its ok…i’m not angry at all, its good to be cautious and its ok to judge me laa cos the person dunno me ma…and yes…go dato!!! long time din go be to tat skul oredy hahaha