Looking for Home Security System installer

I’m thinking about installing alarm system at home. Too much break in lately. Anyone can recommend good alarm system installer? I heard of Pavillion (not to be mistaken for that old video shop).

I heard much negative comments about IT Home. :!:

yes, i think they are good. a long timer in the business.

I’ve been using and dealt with Pavillion installed systems for many years and found their services good although there’s always rooms for improvement. Their prices may be a bit higher than others but you can be assured they will be there to service and maintain your alarm systems in years to come. Why go for cheaper installer and found out they went out of business when you need them in future for upgrade/problems?

Go and get quote from Mr. Loo and negotiate the price.

Right. Quality over quantity. Don’t mind paying for quality services. Do they have website ?

Mr.Sim 0168713037
He is the best ive known… most trusted, cheap (Somemore always ask him to come for routine check up and change a bit of this and that, i insist to pay him and he always insist not to accept anything but a can of soft drink), very very very very very good after sales service. All my colleagues, friends and relatives all recommend him after i suggestted to them. All are super satisfied. I guarantee you that. I myself installed two homes with full security iinclusive of photo beams and etc.

Ask him to quote will be slightly slow. Once he confirm, he will be very fast and very punctual (work even on sundays on requests). After installation i wanna pay him, he said nevermind, try first, he will come collect when he is free. And he dont simply use new workers. All his close friends and partners only cos he say new workers sometimes are risky as they might expose the security plans to outsiders.

Im not related to him or friends, just that his service is so good tat i will take the opportunity to share.
A man like him deserve to be successful.

Mr.Sim got a shop?


My home and my bro home is installed by COMPUTLINK SERCURITY SOLUTION S/B. I thk there’re good in service in installation. Specially the price is reasonable (cheaper) compare to others. It’s true, u can try.

[quote=“kuan”]TERA Alarm & Automation

I ask them install my home alarm, very good. 4 chinese young man come, explain to me very detaily. So far i use no problem…[/quote]

Oopps… seems like you are advertising your own services :oops:


haha… is my elder brother company…