Looking for GSM modem with serial port connectiblity

Gidday friends,

Anyone knows where can i get a GSM modem (with sim card slot & RS-232 connectivity). Some supplier came in to my company to present a prove of concept demo on our PABX - GSM modem integration but i was too busy and missed the chance to be entertained. Now i can't find the contact of the supplier. 

Anyway, if anyone knows where can i get one, please let me know. I think the supplier is from one of the MOBILE network companies promoting a package that comes with a GSM sim modem.

THanks a lot for any info!


I think you are mentioned about Huawei brand GSM modem? :roll:

Any brand is fine as long as it has sim card slot + RS-232 connectivity.
Thanks for your reply Lim Pek, you are fast~

Maybe u can find the info here http://www.mobitek.com.my/Products.html

thanks !