Looking for doctor for

Last time i remember we have vertigo vs Lt Dan,non stop debates back-ed with fictional facts with the creative troll pictures as well (i really love the drawn troll stuffs, damn so funny) but it was short as Lt Dan met his demise prematurely .

Base on my previous remarks, vertigo is fighting really hard with his head with Lt Dan being his imaginary nemesis or alter ego and now we have the all new pelahap vs vertigo.

Can someone save this man, let him rest and stop the fighting in his head.

vertigo, please stop creating new ffictious character in your head. We are here to help.


dun care la… they wan how let them lo, you no need read also can ma… haha…

let me be your dogtor

Vertigo needs a psychiatrist or maybe a drug rehab session

he seems to be having these fantasy delusions about fairy tales

he is having lunch now i think he will bomb u later pelahap, wait wait…i dunno who bomb who now so confusing.

i also need a doctor.

its more like Vertigo vs Miri community

this is too funny for me to take, i need to take a break lol.