Looking for a job

Hi, i am looking for a job ( full/part time) before leaving for singapore maybe half a year later for further studies.
A little about me,

Gender: Male
Education: Pmr- 7As,
UEC- distinctions
A-levels- waiting for results, got straight As for the 1st part.
Language: English-ielts 8, Malay, Chinese
Previous Working experience: part-time music teacher when i was in school.

My reasons looking for job: learning something beneficiary for my future, increase social skills, not to be a burden for my parents, occupy my time
Having a job before leaving for Singapore definitely will help me a lot as i can learn to support myself and be more responsible ( and allows me to make a better resume :lol: ).

Any kind Mirians willing to hire me :smiley: :?:
Pls contact me ( Marcus) at 0168546694, or email me at marcus_everlasting@hotmail.com or just drop a reply here, i will check this topic everyday.
Thanks XD

nice 1 evil chibi good luck wth ure job hunt