Looking for a job

hai im looking for a job in miri,my experience is more to shipping,.any vacancy for clerk also ok for me as long as I got the job.Please let me know or SMS me at this no.0168373260.thanks.I need help from here it be coz im in Labuan rite now.tq very much.

try search in classified,job forum…cheers…

yes good idea, if you’re looking for an offshore job than try sites lsuch as http://www.bbloverseas.com

Check out the papers or labour department.

I know a boss in the shipping industry, tell
me what kind of position you looking to get?

hai marina,thank you for your info.

Found the job yet? http://www.best-of-web.com/_images/080828-134601-098007.jpg

hi there… are u interested at part time sales?

What part sales would that be?

Job Type : Part Time
Job Position : Part Time Weight Management Consultant (Freelance)

  • This is a freelance part time job.
  • It is commission based and is ranging from RM10.00 - RM47.00 per bottle.
  • No experience is required as training will be provided.
  • There will be no fixed time for the part time job.
  • There will be no sales target to hit.
  • It is flexible and suitable for those wanted extra income.
  • Can start anytime.
  • Tools will be provided (Terms and conditions applied)
  • Can work in a group with few friends or can work individually (Make it fun!)
  • Can do over the internet/Can do traditional sales method (Face to face) = no limitation (How creative you are will determine your extra income/sales)

Job Title: Part Time Weight Management Consultant (Freelance)


  1. To measure people’s weight/BMI/ideal weight.
  2. Advise what products can help them in order to help them achieve their ideal weight.
  3. Getting contacts information and follow up on those did not purchase the products.

For more information, do email herbycarol@gmail.com or [url=herbycarol@yahoo.com]herbycarol@yahoo.com
Visit http://herbycarol.blogspot.com
or Call 0175067115