Looking for 2nd hand scaff-folding

Anyone knows where I can get 2nd hand scaff-folding that is for sale?? Did I spell the scall-folding correctly, btw? :lol:

Valerie, try go to the office(the building design like a mosque punya :oops: ) near our General Hospital… and check with them. I think they are providing scalffolding training next to their office building. If not mistaken, they call it Trident Training center…

check with them and see if they do sell or not.

But just to inform you… Scaffolding set is damn expensive ya… be prepared for the shocking price even if u get a set of second hand punya… :wink:

ok. thanks for the info. Will chk on it later…

just curious… why r u looking for 2nd hand scaffolding set?

Maybe she wants to work overwater heehee :wink:

then she will sooooonnnnnn ask whether anyone selling lifejacket or not… and also body harness… :lol:

as well… how to fill in a permit to work…

Maybe over swimming pool, with swimming suit :mrgreen: Ooh I LOVE to be the approver & be on site hehehe

Sorry dude… i will stop the job and ask Valerie to put on the correct PPE for the job… :roll: Safety first… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Haha :smiley: ur rite. Safety 1st.

Yeah btw what’s ur purpose for the scaffolding ValerieG?

hey, if those guys constructing the shophouses in town can work without using any head protection, safety boots, goggles and harnesses, then there’s no reason anyone should be too.

(Btw, next time you’re in town check for bones sticking out of walls & floors in the concrete.)

I can imagine the 2nd hand scaffolding used for painting? Or if the price is too much, make them out of bamboo, like Hong Kong Construction companies.

Thought of the bamboo…but we dont use bamboo here, do we?? Anyway, for those that are so curious in knowing why I’m looking for scaffolding, I’m only asking on behalf of my hubby lah. He wants to purchase scaffolding lor… :lol: