Looking a Job (Networking/ComputerScience/IT) or any

I’m a fresh graduate and now still looking for a job.
I’m a degree holder in Data Communication and Networking course, and also diploma in Computer Science.
I also had Comptia A+ (IT Technician) and Comptia Network+ certificates.
Anyone can grant me an opportunity will be much appreciated since fresh grad nowadays really needs experience to survive right?

p/s: I’m a girl anyway, not a guy. :slight_smile:

what’s your expected salary?
I may have something for you

PM-ed u!
But went to outbox.

Subjects taken: Wide Area Network Technologies, Wireless and Mobile Computing, Switching Technologies, Network Design and Management, Computer Systems Architecture, Network and System Administration, Data Communications, Network Fundamentals, Network Programming, Information and Network Security, Routing Protocols and Concepts, Principles of Operation Systems, Digital Electronics, Web Programming and etc.

Subjects taken: Computer Organization, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems Concepts, Interactive Multimedia, Data Structure, Information Systems Development, Programming Paradigms, Introduction to Database Management System, Introduction to Computer Security, Introduction to Data Communication and Networking and etc.

huhu hope this will work~

[quote=“Dsima”]what’s your expected salary?
I may have something for you[/quote]

can share with me?i also finding ob as IT Technician

yala, not reply huhu