Look boys, she's drifting!

[size=150]Look boys, she’s drifting![/size]


WHEN Leona Chin Lyweoi walks into the room, her quiet steps can go unnoticed. However, put her in a car - say, her souped-up Nissan 200sx - and it’s almost impossible to ignore her … especially when she starts revving it up.

At college, her reputation precedes her. She’s a quiet person, but admits that everyone can hear her arrival at college as her loud engine roars into the carpark. The 21-year-old student is reading for her business degree at KDU College, but it is stepping on the pedals during weekends that truly gets her blood pumping.

Motorsports have been her obsession for a few years now, and she takes part in anything she has time for - from drifting events to car racing.

[size=75]Not a car model… Leona actually owns this car and loves it to bits. Almost RM10,000 has come out of her pocket to pimp this baby.[/size]

“I race at least once a week, but for the past few weeks my car was being repainted, so I’ve been a bit out of it for a while,” the Subang Jaya native explains. Now that she has her car back, she can’t wait to get going again.

“The first time I walked into a workshop to buy bucket seats for my car, the owner was really curious,” she explains as she sits among tyres and car parts in the workshop.

“He asked why I wanted them, and I explained that I wanted to soup up my car. He was quite impressed and has been helping me ever since.”

People always stare at her now white and orange car wherever she goes. They are even more curious when they see Leona step out of the car.

“I guess they’re assuming it’s my boyfriend’s car, or my brother’s,” she relates giggling.

[size=75]You won’t see anyone else touching her car -Leona does all the dirty work herself.[/size]

But she is no stranger to such reaction, as she got the same response when she first started taking part in events and races.

“No-one could believe there was a female drifter on the circuit, but eventually they got used to it. But it’s nice to be known as one of the only females who drift,” she shares.

Her love for speed is such that even when she’s not driving, she indulges in arcade games (which involves cars, of course) and go-karting.

“I live for speed. I love the automobile industry and follow the Formula One championship and drifting competitions religiously,” says Leona.

One of her most recent and most exciting experiences was taking part in the Red Bull Female Driver Search.

[size=75]Ooh la la… Not bad oh… [/size]

She beat 600 participants to make it to the final 12, which made Leona’s day. But when it was announced that she has emerged as one of the four winners, her happiness soared.

"They called me up and told me that I would potentially be racing in next years Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race in the all-female team.

“I can’t wait to start training,” she enthuses.

Of course, her first love will always be drifting, and she loves to test her wheels especially in the rain.

“Mainly because it saves my tyres,” she reasons. “During dry races you’ll go through two pairs of tyres by the time you’re done. But also, the ground is slippery which makes it easier.”

Do her parents worry for her life, drifting on the fast lane? Her eyes light up as she answers the question.

“No … My mother is my biggest supporter!” laughs Leona. “When my car was being repainted she kept asking me why I haven’t been drifting in ages and why it’s taking so long.”

Hitting walls and damaging her car during events no longer make Leona cringe, as she has become used to it.

However, she still does try to be more careful, as modifications, parts and repairs on her car have amounted to almost RM10,000 in the past few years.

She dreams of adding parts to her car, and has created a digital image of her dream car on her computer, looking at it every now and again for inspiration.

Her drifting stunts are on YouTube.com, and she says all you need to do to watch her videos are search for her name.

Leona hopes to one day become a professional race car driver, but for now, drifting will do.

We look forward to that day.

( Source : rage.com.my )

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I think Coolman found his match… hehee… :lol:

This girl rock!

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wud really like to meet that low-skilled driver someday…and ask him how did he feel!


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[quote=“qmk9133”]wud really like to meet that low-skilled driver someday…and ask him how did he feel!


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[quote=“Vixious”]I think Coolman found his match… hehee… :lol:

This girl rock![/quote]

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[quote=“heterodyne”][quote=“Vixious”]I think Coolman found his match… hehee… :lol:

This girl rock![/quote]

wtf how come of all the post i see him being teased HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…outright funny man.[/quote]

Hey bro, whenever car and babe are concern… our President Coolman is just the right person for it… :wink: :lol: