LONGEVITOLOGY "Chang Sen Xue" (New class recruitment)

Dear all,

The annual class for Longevitology “Chang Sen Xue” is back in Miri. Four (4) teachers from Taiwan would be visiting Miri in October for new class recruitment. Longevitology is a non-profit association which teach/share with all the power of using universal energy for body healing.

[size=185]Class Details
Date: 5th October 2008 - 10th October 2008
Venue: Foo Chow Association, Krokop (beside Hopoh)[/size]

Please register yourself at Miri Red Crescent Headquarters between 7pm-9pm (Monday-Friday).

For enquiry, please contact:
Mr. Chin - 019-885-1085
Mdm. Yong - 013-833-3881

More information on Chang Sen Xue are available at the following links (mandarin websites):

BUMP… anyone interested?


" The Force "

Super Natural Power…

Example: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Bionic man, X-men, Fantastic 4…etc…