Logan Sibong a delightful weekend getaway, says community chief

MIRI: The Kayan community in Logan Sibong in Baram know that the hospitality and tourism industry have income-generating potential.

Logan Sibong community leader Edet Bilong said: “The area which is about four hours’ journey from Miri is an ideal getaway from busy urban living for short holidays and weekend. We are keen to participate in the homestay programme.”

Located by the Baram riverbank, Logan Sibong is accessible by road so tourists need not have to take the ferry from Long Lama.

“Along the way to Logan Sibong, they can catch glimpses of economic activities in oil palm plantations and the still abundant forest reserves,” he said.

“Tourists get to experience the serenity for relaxation and release stress and tension.

“They can watch the sunset and night scenes while sitting on the riverbank and ’ruai’ of the longhouse,” he added.

They will witness the lifestyle, culture and heritage of the Orang Ulu community through their cultural performances and cuisine.

But the access road has to be upgraded and clean piped water and electricity made available.

“Currently locals use a partially dirt and gravel road to get about; depend on the river and rain for water, and a generator for electricity.

Such conditions can hamper growth of the kampong’s hospitality and tourism industry,” Edet said.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/09/22/logan-sibong-a-delightful-weekend-getaway-says-community-chief/