Local Puppy To Give Away

Local puppies to give away… Interested pls respond… Thanks… :slight_smile:

Welcome to MC Net, Bubble7866 :mrgreen:

Ha ha ha u look fierce or Crusaders… scary ar… need to find myself an image also lor…

post some pics of the puppies…~ haha.

local breed?will grow very big de…i need a little companion…like shi zhi…

mixed breed rojak dog?

if yes i’d like to have one please… male

Cause I have a puppy and he’s lonely

Local puppy?.. wat breed?.. those big type?.. or normal dog?

i think its just normal yellow fur doggy…medium saiz…

Its just a local and normal puppy. not a special breed or anything…just want to find a caring new owner cos current owner always travelling and no one to take care of them… will post the pics soon…

if they look like those puppies in your avatar , i definitely wan one ^^

Mind to tell me where can I pick it up?

I want a male one o.o

is the doggie still available?
any pictures? 8)