Local Miri News website?


Just wondering do we have any website, which have local news about Miri, Sarawak? Perhaps something like thestar.com.my?

Oh do the Borneo Post comes with E-Paper? That way, we can stay in touch of what happening daily in Miri and been kept well informed.



Hi Internity,

Besides TheStar, NST, and Bernama who are covering the news online, the local papers just wouldn’t do dare to venture out of the printing industry. Anyway, you can take a look here:
http://www.uniteddaily.com.my (previously Miri Daily News)

Sorry to say, Borneo Post’s website has been dead for quite a long time already. I myself am a loyal BP reader, and I too have craved for their online version too. Anyhow, anyone interested in contributing the daily news about Miri here? Like for example road accidents, buildings on fire, traffic jams, murders, etc? Of course you will have to get online to post it, but look at the bright side: your contribution won’t be editted & credits for the work will only go to the writer. Hmm… what if you can also SMS or MMS your news directly to this site? And also download the latest topics into your mobile via WAP or GPRS? Sorry, just thinking out loud. :oops: :smiley:

thanks for reply and the website you provide me, but you should know this, I dont really read much chinese,. hehe. I did managed to get around with the website, but couldnt see much.

For me, I wish to have something like similiar or at least near close to the star website,. that ppl can read news online, classifieds advertisement, etc etc.

Hua Ung,

Long time no news from you pal~~!!! How are you lately?
As you can see, we just started this Miri Community recently, we also wanted to provide all the latest & the best out from our hometown Miri to all of our brothers & sisters around the world.

Anyway, we’ll do our best to keep it up~~!!!

P/S: Nice to hear from you pal~~~~!!! Btw, I’m Registered (Officially Married) with Ah Jiek last January…Horray~~~~!!! U Bila??


The new local paper filling in the void for Sarawak Tribune. :smiley: Hope its website would be updated constantly.

I’m in talks with journalists so I can get news straight from them on my site. You’re all the first to know ;).

However, I have a condition; the news are to be developmental, positive and non-political news about Miri, because quite frankly I’m sick of robbery, rape, car accidents and politics and I plan to ommit it, because I actually consider it as negative news that aren’t really worth reading.