Local fruits galore kickstarts Visit Miri Year 2018

Yii (left) with Wong (second right) and staff of Emart Riam posing at one of the durian stalls at Tamu Durian Street in Emart Riam.

MIRI : The abundance of local fruits such as durian, langsat, mangosteen and others is a good start to Visit Miri Year 2018.

According to Miri Mayor Adam Yii, such local fruits are also an attraction for tourists to come and visit the resort city.

“Many tourists like to come and savour local fruits, so having these fruits abundantly is good for tourism,” he said when officiating at Tamu Durian Street in Emart Riam here yesterday.

During the function, Yii also praised Emart Riam for providing trading spaces for free to local seasonal fruit vendors here.

“I believe this is a very good way to help our local fruit vendors sell off their fruits. Members of the public who come here to do their grocery shopping can easily buy local fruits of their choice without going to other places,” he said.

Meanwhile, Emart Riam senior executive for marketing and promotion Wilson Wong said a total of 15 vendors are participating in the Tamu Durian Street promotion which is being held until the end of March.

“These vendors are from Mamut, Bakong, Marudi, Batu Niah and Bekenu. We let them sell their fruits at affordable price here for free.

“This tamu will be here for three months, while the fruits are still in season,” he said.

Among fruits being sold at Tamu Durian Street are various types of durian including Musang King, rambutans and langsat.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/01/07/local-fruits-galore-kickstarts-visit-miri-year-2018/